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October 29, 2008

Growing Bigger, Better Diamonds? It can be done!

I honestly could not believe my eyes when I came across this article. Growing bigger, better diamonds???? Science is really fascinating! It truly amazes me at times how science can create wonders when I read interesting articles like these.

Take a look!

Scientists grow bigger, better diamonds

Using chemical vapor deposition, gems can be grown very rapidly

If you thought that rock on the ring in the window of Tiffany’s was big and beautiful, the diamonds treated in labs with a newly-developed method will really blow you away.


Diamonds grown in the laboratory using a chemical vapor deposition process can be treated by a new high temperature, low pressure method to improve their color and optical clarity.



Diamond, a particular form of pure carbon, is of course used for more than adding sparkle to jewelry. It is also used for making scalpel blades, electronic components, and even quantum computers.

But the very properties of diamond that make it perfect for these uses — its hardness (it’s the hardest known naturally-occurring mineral), optical clarity and resistance to chemicals, radiation and electrical fields — can also make it a difficult substance to work with.

Defects can be purged from diamond by a heating process called annealing, but this process can turn diamond into graphite, another form, or allotrope, of carbon that is soft and gray and used in pencil leads.

To prevent graphitization, diamond treatments have previously required using high pressures (up to 60,000 times atmospheric pressure, or the pressure we experience at sea level) during the annealing process, but such high pressure/high temperature processes are expensive and put limits on the size and amounts of diamonds that can be treated.

A team of scientists at the Carnegie Institution in Washington, D.C., have found away to get around these issues — and make bigger, better diamonds.

Growing diamonds
They use a method called chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to grow synthetic diamonds. Unlike other diamond-growing methods that use high pressures like those found deep in the Earth where natural diamonds are formed, CVD produces single-crystal diamonds at low pressure. These diamonds can be grown very rapidly and have relatively few defects.

The Carnegie team could take these synthetic diamonds and anneal them at temperatures up to 3,632 degrees Fahrenheit (2,000 degrees Celsius) at pressures below atmospheric pressure. The annealing process turns the diamond crystals, which are originally yellow-brown, colorless or light pink. The process also has minimal graphitization.

“It is striking to see brown CVD diamonds transformed by this cost-efficient method into clear, pink-tinted crystals,” said study team member Chih-shiue Yan.

The researchers also figured out what causes the pink tint: A nitrogen atom takes the place of a carbon atom in certain place in the crystal structure. This finding “may also help the gem industry to distinguish natural from synthetic diamond,” Yan said.

The new method, detailed in the Oct. 27 issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, also lets the researchers grow diamonds bigger.

“The most exciting aspect of this new annealing process is the unlimited size of the crystals that can be treated,” said study team member Ho-kwang Mao. “The breakthrough will allow us to push to kilocarat diamonds of high optical quality.”

The Hope Diamond is a mere 45.52 carats.




I wonder if they would grow a diamond for me….hahaha! :p





Source: LifeScience.com





October 28, 2008

$5M ‘fantasy’ bra by Victoria’s Secret

Wow…..a 5 MILLION for a diamond studded bra???? I am speechless!
Take a look at this article!

A “fantasy” $5 million bra studded with 3,600 black diamonds has been unveiled by the Victoria’s Secret lingerie chain.

The bra, which also boasts white diamonds and rubies, weighs 1,500 carats and is believed to be one of the most valuable items of underwear ever made.

Two tear-shaped black diamonds, with a combined weight of 100 carats, hang down from the middle.

The one-off bra – which contains 3,900 gems in total – is modelled by Brazilian Adriana Lima in the Victoria’s Secret Christmas catalogue.

It was created by Martin Katz, the rare gem jeweller who has worked on previous luxury lingerie for the firm.

“This year, I’ve really enjoyed working with non-traditional gems,” he said. “So, what better avenue, to showcase nearly 3,600 black diamonds than on the most extravagant holiday gift.”

He added: “Designing it for a gorgeous Brazilian supermodel wasn’t exactly a let-down either.”

Lima, who will also wear the bra in a televised fashion show on Dec 3, described it as “exquisite”. “It really is an honor to be wearing a Victoria’s Secret fantasy bra,” she said.

Despite the price tag, the bra is not the most expensive ever made. In 2005 supermodel Gisele Bundchen donned a $12.5 million bra (12.5 million!?!? I am even more speechless!), also made by Victoria’s Secret.

I wonder if anyone really buys it to wear

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

October 24, 2008

Diamonds for a Cure Launches New Jewelry Collection in Honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


I like stories in which charity is the theme. It gives me a sense that there are people who still care. Granted that in some cases it might be for publicity, but if it benefits the receiver, I guess it’s a win-win situation.

Here is a story I came across in Honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month when I was busy hunting for diamond themed news!



Inspired by the Belief That “Diamonds Are Precious… So Is Life,” Diamonds for a Cure Will Donate a Percentage of Sales (From Its Collections) to Benefit Cancer Research

4ct natural pink diamond flower ring

4ct natural pink diamond flower ring



Celebrated New York jewelry designer and breast cancer survivor Neda Behnam announced Diamonds for a Cure (DFAC) will join the growing number of companies and designers coming together this October to raise funds for cancer research.

18 white gold rough diamond pendant with a diamond center stone

18 white gold rough diamond pendant with a diamond center stone




A 4ct. natural pink diamond flower ring set in rose gold, and an 18k white gold rough diamond pendant with a diamond center stone on either a black or pink silk cord are just two of the pieces in DFAC’s “Think Pink” collection. DFAC is donating $100 from each sale of the flower ring and $50 from each pendant sale.


For information http://www.tmgpress.com/dfac/



Source: Market Watch



October 16, 2008

Ponahalo Diamonds sell for $6.3 million

$6 MILLION??? I am still amazed by how much these stones can fetch. I mean at one end, my thoughts will be “It’s JUST A STONE!” while on the other end it will go “Wowwww….6 Million…..what can I get with 6 Million….” Hahaha

It’s crazy to see how much companies or individuals are willing to pay for a ‘stone’ really….

Here’s the latest update from the diamond industry!

New York—The Ponahalo Diamonds, the two stones cut from a 316.15-carat piece of rough mined in South Africa, sold for more than $6 million at a Christie’s auction held on Wednesday in New York City.

The buyer, Amer Radwan of Radwan Diamond and Jewelry Trading in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, paid $4.11 million for the 102.11-carat Ponahalo diamond, while the smaller stone, weighing in at 70.87 carats, sold for $2.15 million.

Lesotho I diamond

Lesotho I diamond

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Ponahalo Diamonds, which were cut by the Steinmetz Diamond Group, will go to the Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF), the non-profit organization co-founded by music mogul Russell Simmons that uses diamond profits to educate and empower Africans.

“I’m extremely pleased at the way this initiative for educating and empowering Africans through the sale of diamonds is taking off,” Simmons said in a media release. “We are thankful to Steinmetz for choosing the Diamond Empowerment Fund and, through the DEF, the students at the Maharishi Institute for this great gift.”

The Ponahalo diamonds are the world’s largest Forevermark stones. Forevermark is the diamond brand recently launched by De Beers.

The stones were the highlight of Christie’s “Jewels: The New York Sale” and “Superb 20th Century Jewels from an American Collection” sales, held on Wednesday in New York City.

The sales totaled $29.4 million.

Other notable gems sold include a rectangular-cut 7.02-carat fancy-intense blue diamond for $3.61 million and a pear-shaped 5.6-carat fancy-intense purplish-pink diamond ring, which Alisa Moussaieff purchased for $2.71 million.

As Christie’s winds down from the sale of the Ponahalo Diamonds, Sotheby’s is preparing for its “Magnificent Jewels” sale, scheduled for Nov. 19 at the Beau-Rivage Hotel in Geneva.

Included in the sale will be the famous Lesotho I diamond, an emerald-cut 71.73-carat diamond cut from the 601-carat piece of rough mined in the 1960s in the African kingdom of Lesotho.

This is the first time the stone—which was cut by famed jewelry house Harry Winston—has been offered at auction since the present owner purchased it from Harry Winston himself.

6 Million????? Yup, It still baffles me!

Source: National Jeweler Network

October 13, 2008

India has the honor to polish biggest ever rough diamond.

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India it is……

Biggest ever rough diamond to be polished in India


RAJKOT: Finally we can forget the Kohinoor. One of the costliest and biggest rough diamonds from South African mines has found its way into Gujarat.


The 128.47-carat rough diamond worth $12.13 million (Rs 58-60 crore) is bigger than the 105-carat round-cut Kohinoor diamond, which is part of the famed British crown jewels.

And after a little bit of cut and polish, the de-coloured and flawless rough diamond, mined from Orange River (South Africa), is expected to turn into 50 carat of pure glitter, chairman of Surat-based KARP Impex Kishore Virani told ET.KARP won the bid to buy the diamond from South Africa (SA) and claims that it is the costliest and the largest piece of rough diamond that has ever come an Indian company’s way. And it would take four months for the company to get it ready for the market. And KARP is also planning to get the diamond insured, Virani said.

A DTC site holder, KARP gets steady supply of rough diamonds from South Africa, but in case of such rare pieces, bids are invited from all DTC site holders before auction. “We bagged the costliest rough diamond by quoting the best price against other contenders from Israel and Belgium,” said Keval Virani from KARP. The auction was held in Tender House in South Africa, known for diamond auctions.

But diamonds are not new to Gujarat. The Rs 60,000-crore Surat diamond industry is the hotbed of the global diamond industry, processing around 70% of world’s rough diamonds. But Chandrakant Sanghvi of Sanghi Exports said this is the first time that such a precious diamond has landed in the sub-continent. “Until now, polished diamonds ranging from 10-25 carat were heard of. But, a 50-carat polished diamond is probably the first of its kind,” he said.

The Indian diamond cutting and polishing industry has enough technology and required skill to cut these large pieces given the industry can afford to purchase such higher cost rough diamonds. But Indians are mainly known for cutting and polishing smaller sized rough diamonds, he added.

The costliest diamond that reached Surat 15-20 days back might see the development of new machine tools for cutting and polishing. Kishore Virani, with more than 30 years experience in diamond industry and a partner with the leading machine tool maker of the state expects to minimise the risk with the expertise and technical know-how of its own machine tools. “Although no particular marketing strategy has been decided, we are chalking out the strategies on naming the diamond,” said Mr Virani.

The total exports of gems and jewellery items during April 2007 to March 2008 stood at Rs 84,058.19 crore against Rs 77,100.12 crore in April 2006-March 07, a growth of 9.02%.






Source: Economic Times

September 29, 2008

Cartier going to Korea

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Ahhhhhh Cartier…….even the sound it makes when you pronounce it’s name gives out an exquisite flair….it represents the epitome of wealth, luxury and class.

I came across this as I was hunting the web for news in the world of jewelry. Looks like Cartier finally decided to explore the untapped economy capability in the Asian region.

Have a good read! 🙂


Cartier Opens Flagship Store in Cheongdam

World-famous French jeweler Cartier finally opened its first flagship store in the fashionable Cheongdam-dong district in southern Seoul.

Designed by French architect David-Pierre Jalicon, the Cartier Maison building is already attracting attention for its elegant facade, inspired by the Korean wrapping cloth or bojagi.

“Cartier has been `jeweler to kings, king of jewelers’ for 160 years and as you know every king needs a castle … This is like a private mansion with unique style. The decor, the private lounges, bridal salon and watch salon ― all of this to make our guests very comfortable,” said Philippe Galtie, managing director of Cartier Korea, during the press preview last week.

While Cartier has opened flagship stores in Japan and China in the last few years, it took longer for the company to open one in Seoul.

“We feel it is the right time for the market to have a flagship store, in terms of level of sophistication of the market. The market is growing very rapidly. Despite the economic uncertainty affecting the world, the high-end products are not affected. We are selling products that you can keep forever,” Galtie said.

Cartier Maison certainly conveys the essence of the Cartier brand, which is known for luxury, craftsmanship and rich heritage. It features two floors of classic interiors, crystal chandeliers and display cases filled with diamond jewelry, tank watches, leather goods and handbags. It is also has several private lounges, where VIP customers are treated to champagne while picking through the Cartier collection.

Galtie said this boutique is the seventh biggest in the world, although he expects the ranking to drop as Cartier builds more stores around the world.

(I prefer the one on the left….The jewelry design on it looks classy)

Cartier Maison features the largest assortment of Cartier jewelry, watches and handbags in Korea.

“We have a long history of accessories. We are known for our jewelry and watches. In jewelry, our best selling items are the Love ring and the Trinity rings, which have become icons for many years. Love rings are 30 years. It is quite old for a fashion item that is still hot. The Trinity ring was introduced in 1924, but the old lady is still quite sexy. That’s the beauty of Cartier, the creativity, design and timeless style,” Galtie said.  (I like the Trinity Ring….it is pretty hot)




Cartier Maison has a wide array of diamond jewelry and bridal rings, but the most stunning and expensive piece is a necklace with a 13.6-carat yellow diamond pendant and 19 carats of diamonds.

On Thursday, a jewelry fashion show featured models wearing some of the most dazzling necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets from Cartier’s collection. There’s even a diamond tiara, which is now available exclusively at the boutique.

To celebrate the opening of the flagship store, six limited edition mini-Marcello handbags, which come in different colors and materials, are available at the Cartier Maison. Three of the mini-Marcello bags already been reserved as of Wednesday.


Cartier, Cartier, Cartier…..Creativity, Design and Timeless Style

September 26, 2008

New Diamond is a Record Breaker!

The new found diamond is definitely making waves in the Diamond World…..just take a look at how the experts are raving about its color and quality….

Hahaha, it really reminds me of a child who found Candyland….the excitement I mean 🙂

Huge Diamond Hailed as Record Breaker:

(I like the combo! lol)

A diamond unearthed in the southern African nation of Lesotho could yield one of the largest and highest quality round polished diamonds, according to a statement Monday from company that found it.

Experts in Antwerp, Belgium who analyzed the 478-carat stone determined it to be of the highest color grading available for a white diamond, said a statement from Gem Diamonds Ltd., the company that found the stone.

“What makes it more remarkable is the color and quality of this stone,” said diamond consultant Neil Buxton.

“It’s a D color, which is the highest possible graded color you can get, and we believe there is a chance — a very good chance — of getting a 100-carat plus” round stone with the highest color and clarity rankings.

The company said such a stone would “to the best of our knowledge” be “the first one in history.”

The diamond, which was found in September, ranks as the 20th largest rough diamond ever found, but is not the biggest ever taken from the Letseng Mine, which is co-owned by Gem Diamonds Ltd. and the Kingdom of Lesotho, a country of 2.1 million that is surrounded by South Africa.

Two bigger stones — 603 and 493 carats — were found in the mine in 2006 and 2007, respectively, the company said. A 601-carat diamond was mined there in 1960, it said.

Source: CNN

September 25, 2008

….and they found a Diamond

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Yes, if you haven;t heard the news, they found a Diamond in Lesotho….a BIG one that is, weighing in at a hefty 478 carats. Ahhhh but it only comes in 20th place as the largest diamond ever found.

Seriously, I would like to be in the shoes of a person who was digging dirt away and voila! come across a rock that seemed too pretty to be a rock, only to realize that I hit the jackpot!!! The excitement, the oh-my-gosh-I-found-a-diamond-I-can-hardly-breathe kind of feeling? That is what I am talking about.

Just to keep you updated in the latest buzz in the diamond world, take a look at what I found on BBC 🙂

Massive diamond found in Lesotho

Miners in Lesotho have discovered a huge gem stone which may become the largest ever polished round diamond.

The stone weighs 478 carats and is the 20th largest rough diamond ever found, said Gem Diamonds.

The company said the uncut rock was recovered recently from the Letseng mine, owned by the company in Lesotho.

The diamond, which is as yet unnamed, has the potential to yield a 150 carat cut stone, and could sell for tens of millions of dollars, the company said.


“Preliminary examination of this remarkable diamond indicates it will yield a record-breaking polished stone of the very best colour and clarity,” said the company’s chief executive Clifford Elphick.

It would be bigger than the 105 carat round-cut Koh-i-Noor diamond, which is part of the British Crown Jewels.

It would still be dwarfed by the Cullinan diamond discovered in 1905, which was 3,106 carats uncut and yielded a teardrop shaped diamond of 530 carats called the Great Star of Africa.

The Letseng mine is owned by a mining company of which Gem Diamonds controls 70% and the Lesotho government 30%.

…..I wonder how it would look on a Diamond ring 😛

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