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September 17, 2008

Famous Diamond #5: Golden Jubilee

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Hahaha I am guess you must be getting a tad tired of reading about famous diamonds no?

I can assure you that it won’t go on forever. Just a couple more *grins*

Hey, I have to give ALL these world famous diamonds their ‘one-minute’ fame!

With that, I introduce you to the diamond version of a golden egg….the “Golden Jubilee”

Golden Jubilee

Discovered in the Premier mine in South Africa in 1986, the 755.50 carat rough diamond was a beautiful golden yellow colour with a bright reddish hue at the centre. (didn’t I say it is the diamond version of the ‘golden egg’?)

Gabi Tolkowsky commented that “within its heart lay a wonderfully mysterious shine that gave the diamond a character unlike any other”.

A large surface and deep cracks from the interior, as well as several inclusions, meant that cutting and polishing the big diamond presented challenges.

An underground room that was free from vibration had to be constructed before work could begin on the diamond.  In 1990, after two years of work, the stone was finished, reduced in total from 755.50 carats, to 545.65 carats.

Gabi Tolkowsky described the cut as a “Fire-Rose cushion shape.”

Thai businessmen arranged for the diamond to be given to King Bhumibol as a gift from the people to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the King’s ascent to the throne.

The diamond was named the Golden Jubilee, and was received by the King’s daughter, Princess Matia Chari Sirindhom, on his behalf in 2000.

The diamond is now on display in the Royal Museum at Pimammek Golden Temple Throne Hall in Bangkok.

Anyone up for Thailand? :p


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